Friday, 1 October 2010

Current Projects

Buildings are being built for new male and female bathrooms, a library, school rooms, and an extra dormitory for the children, making a total of 9 rooms, all of which are donated from generous groups and individuals.

Update: The new bathrooms and school room are now built and are successful. There is also running hot (warm) water in the babies room!

Until two years ago, Adullam Orphanage was operating a poultry and rabbit farm that gave the orphanage an income, food, and training in agriculture and animal husbandry. The price of corn (chicken feed) has tripled, and there is currently nobody reliable to run the farm. At present, another poultry farm has committed to helping Adullam by providing education for workers as well as storage space for wet grain in their silhos, which saves a great deal of money. The final element needed in this project is a Christian family that will tend to the farm while receiving free board and a home to live in. Please join us in prayer for this.