About Adullam

The aims and objectives of Adullam Orphanage are:
  • To offer orphaned, abandoned, deaf and destitute children shelter and a permanent home, regardless of their race or creed, solely according to their need.
  • To provide education up to Senior Secondary School and sponsorship for University and vocational training for orphans and the disadvantaged.
  • To provide Special Education for Deaf orphans and children.
  • To prepare our children to be self reliant, independent, thinking individuals becoming positive, active, and contributing members of the community.
  • To provide good nutrition, health and medical care in a clean hygienic environment in which the children can live and grow.
  • To teach honour and respect of oneself, other people and God.
  • To give training to widows and to support them and their children whilst undergoing training or starting an industry.
  • To teach all children to be a new generation of proud Africans. 

How it all began...

In 1995 Andrew Timothy was offered a job in the mining industry in Obuasi, with an Australian company working in Ghana. It was a very good offer, financially viable for the family, but with six-month tours, the family would have to be left in Australia or taken along to Ghana. He told Louise that he wouldn’t take the children into a developing country, as their fourth child was one year old at the time. Louise told him, “Give me 24 hours to pray and find out God’s opinion.”

She did exactly that and the Lord laid it on her heart to be the best wife she could possibly be and the best mother she could possibly be, no matter where they lived. After Andrew’s first 6 months on his own in Ghana, he came back to Australia and brought his family back to Ghana, supposedly for two years. Two years turned into 13 and Louise said she was just getting started. The first two weeks of living in Ghana were spent living in one room with all six family members.

After two weeks they found a small house in the heart of Obuasi with no air conditioning, or fly screens. Despite the living conditions, Louise and her husband were confronted with the poverty and destitution of their neighbors. A woman living close by who had seven children, asked Andrew and Louise to take her youngest child back to Australia for her and raise him up there to have a better future. They decided to look after the child in Ghana, and Louise became the grandmother of all seven children, including another one on the way.

Louise looked for an orphanage to offer her help during the week but was unable to find one in Obuasi or the surrounding district. Louise started to meet with a lot of the local people and was told about the plight that widows often find themselves in, so she started helping them, one or two at a time, helping them start up small business, such as buying and selling tomatoes, peppers, or clothes. She helped them keep a basic money book so they could make sure they were earning more than they were spending, and Louise and Drew took care of the medical needs of their children.

Louise rented a house for the widows to live in, and donations of beds, blankets, etc for the house. When the orphaned and abandoned children started coming in, the widows looked after them as their children.

Louise had also found a nurse who was looking after six orphaned babies, but not able to provide much for them on her small salary. Louise employed the nurse’s two sisters to look after those children during the day, but the two rooms they lived in was not enough for everyone and the children were soon 12 in number. It was agreed that the children would come live in the same house as the widows. Over the last 12 years, Louise and Andrew’s efforts have led to the establishment of Adullam Orphanage.

The orphanage currently has 165 children, providing them with food, a good place to sleep, clothes, schooling, medical care (social security). Over the years, donations have come in to help fund and supply the orphanage. It is a struggle to find enough money to buy all the necessary supplies.