The Children

The Adullam Orphanage has eight dormitory rooms to house the 165 children. There are 40 staff to care for them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Most of the children enter the Orphanage because their parents either live on the street or are deceased. The children mostly come from Ghana, with a few being from Liberia. They come from all types of backgrounds and religions to live together as one family. If it weren’t for the Adullam Orphanage, these children would have education, no roof over their heads, no food in their bellies. They would be forced to sell things in the market to bring in extra money for food and rent. Many of these children have been sexually abused, starved, some even left for dead. Some of the children have physical disabilities and have been deemed "unlovable" by their own parents.

Most of the children at Adullam do not know what will happen to them once they are finished their education. If the have a chance and the funding to finish their education (university level), will they have the opportunities to make a better life for themselves and a better country for their kin, or will they end up back on the streets living like their parents and grandparents? This question weighs heavy on each of their hearts and minds.

"We used to play tag and hide and seek with the other neighbourhood children. And I remember that my mother used to sell items in the market, and my father was a fisherman. We would go to school sometimes which was fun. Now I get to go every day."
...Ezekiel Kupualor, originally from the Accra area, who was brought to Adullam seven years ago with his three siblings.

"If we don’t gain sponsorship we will not be able to continue our education and further ourselves, and our country. What will happen to us?"
...Richard Anning and Elizabeth Amponsah, both students nearing the end of their secondary education this spring (2009).