Volunteers can make a significant contribution to the life of the children and the operation of the Adullam Orphanage. If you are interested in undertaking a volunteering session, please contact Laura Timothy at the Orphanage to help make the arrangements. Prior to doing this you should consider the following

  • You need to arrange and pay all your travel, accommodation and other living expenses.
  • There is no organized program, or set routine, for volunteers - you may choose to do whatever work you find fit. There have been many great volunteers, who only come and spend time with the children on weekends. Having patience, a sense of humour, a willing smile, being enthusiastic and being a resourceful self-starter are essential elements for all volunteers to possess.
  • You should be prepared to talk about your faith and belief (or lack of) because the children will be curious and may want to ask you questions. As a volunteer it doesn’t matter if you’re not a religious person or not, what is important is how much you give to the children in terms of your time, energy and motivation.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to share their orphanage-visiting experiences, photos and guidance for future volunteers. So don't forget your camera!
Volunteering at Adullam Orphanage can be a life-changing experience. Contact Amanda Lubbers to find out more about their volunteering experiences.